Let’s start by getting to know one another!

We respond to inquiries by phone or email to determine if we are a good fit for your project. We discuss the job, how much you plan to invest in your project, preferred time-frame, our fee structure, and options for working together (see Services).

If it makes sense to proceed, we schedule a two-hour design consultation in your home to see the space and discuss the project in detail. Our goal is to establish the initial scope of work, clarify your needs and budget, and define preferences. It’s important to us to learn about you, your family’s lifestyle, and how you imagine yourselves using the space.

When you commit to working with us, we generate a letter of agreement including the agreed-upon scope of work. This document is signed by the designer and clients. Following receipt of the non-refundable project initiation fee, we measure the space and begin working on concepts. The fee is based on the scope of work and credited to design time on your project.

Project phases

We have three basic phases in full-service design projects, and there is overlap between the first two:

  1. Develop Concepts/Select Appliances — Present different layout and space planning options. 3D modeling and perspective drawings “show you” layout and appliance options.
  2. Finalize Design/Select Materials — Provide more detailed drawings, consider material options, and finalize appliance and cabinet decisions.
  3. Construction — Begin demolition of existing space and bring new vision to life.

Fee structure

  • Full Service Design: Deposit for Bathrooms: $1250 and up. Deposit for Kitchens: $2000 and up. Following receipt of the project initiation fee, we issue monthly invoices until the project is complete. Billable time accrues at our current hourly rate.
  • Billable time includes all meetings (in-person, phone, email, text); measuring; drawing time; evaluating materials; visits to showrooms, suppliers and dealers; shopping, online or in person, with you or on your behalf; job-site visits; and any activity related to your project.
  • Design Consultation: $300 for up to two-hours in your home, due at time of service. Additional time is available at our current hourly rate.
  • Exterior Paint and Roof Coordination: $$350 for up to 2 hours at your home, due at first meeting. We will provide up to 3 color schemes for your exterior using Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paints. Additional time is available at our current hourly rate.

Payment terms for purchases

All purchases are non-refundable. Cabinets are built to the specific parameters of your project and cannot be returned. Payment terms vary based on item and project scope, but the following breakdown is typical:

  • Cabinet purchases less than $3000 require 100% payment to place order.
  • Cabinet purchases $3000 and above require a deposit of 2/3 the total price to place order, with the final third due when delivery is imminent.
  • Lighting and accessory purchases require 100% payment to place order.

Any purchases you make directly through approved and/or non-approved vendors are subject to vendor requirements and beyond our control.

Can you give me a quote for the new space?

No, we cannot. Every project is custom-designed for our clients in accordance with the scope of work, personal preferences, and budget.  The total cost of your project will depend on the materials you choose, the design services and products we provide, and the fees charged by the construction professionals who build the project.  

Food for thought as you choose materials

It’s important to understand how your decisions affect the total cost of your project. There are great products available at many price points. Do you want:

  • A pro-style gas range that costs $10,000 or is that the total appliance budget?
  • Marble at $150 SF or porcelain at $5 SF to tile your bathroom?
  • Custom or stock cabinets?

Construction considerations

Who is making the dream a reality, aka the builder? The amount and type of work help determine the cost to build your new space. The characteristics of the firm, the price of materials, and availability of labor also affect your experience and price:

  • Who is your point of contact for communication?
  • Who supervises the employees and/or subs?
  • How often does the builder visit the job site?
  • Are you knocking down walls, moving plumbing, and changing the layout?
  • Does your existing electrical panel support the new load or do you need to add circuits or a completely new panel? 
  • Is there asbestos or mold? 
  • Does the builder have a stockpile of supplies (like lumber) or does he have to buy them at current prices?
  • Are the required trades and artisans available when the builder needs them?

How to get a realistic quote

Have a firm plan for the space and identify which products the builder will supply. If you ask for quotes without sharing this information, then the builder makes assumptions and provides allowances to arrive at a price.

At the minimum, you need to articulate whether you plan to increase square footage, move walls or utilities; what products the builder will supply, such as plumbing fixtures and appliances; and the price point for these items.

Please note that we do not provide installation

We collaborate with local general contractors, installers, and trade professionals to bring your new plans to life. When you choose full-service design, Anne works with your contractor/remodeler to help ensure the installation process goes smoothly and help resolve any hiccups along the way.