Discover the luxury of personalized kitchen and bath design

Fresh Kitchen & Bath Design is an independent design studio owned and operated by Anne Harvey, CKBD. Why settle for a cookie-cutter design when we can design a space that suits your needs? We offer personalized kitchen and bath design with high-quality cabinetry, LED lighting, and accessories at fair prices.

How we incorporate personalization into the design process

  • Design functional spaces that meet your design objectives and reflect your aesthetics and lifestyle
  • Create design documents, including floor plans, elevations, and perspectives to “show you” the new space before any demo begins
  • Shop with you or on your behalf to find the right materials for your project
  • Provide cabinetry, decorative hardware, organization accessories, and LED lighting

How we approach kitchen and bath design

  • Analyze problems and offer solutions in line with your budget
  • Provide a clear path to your goals
  • Offer creative solutions to your unique challenges

We strive to provide outstanding customer care and work hard to get the details of your project right. But we can’t read your mind, and we rely on you to share all aspects of the project with us — how much money you really have to spend — expectations and problems — what you think of the products and contractors we introduce.

Please note that we do not provide installation

We collaborate with local general contractors, installers, and trade professionals to bring your new plans to life. Anne works with your contractor/remodeler to help ensure the installation process goes smoothly and help resolve any hiccups along the way.

Need help getting started?

Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll help you determine the next logical step.