Let us help you realize your Design Dreams

Fresh Kitchen & Bath Design is an independent design studio owned and operated by Anne Harvey, CKBD. In other words, we are not affiliated with one specific builder or remodeling company. Wouldn’t you love a space designed specifically to meet your needs and preferences?

You are free to choose the construction company that will bring your kitchen and bath dreams to life. We collaborate with construction professionals to build your project according to our specifications.

What we do

  • Design functional spaces that meet your design objectives as well as reflect your aesthetics and lifestyle
  • Create custom design documents, including floor plans, elevations, and perspectives to “show you” the new space before any demo begins
  • Shop with you or on your behalf to find the right materials for your project
  • Offer high-quality cabinetry, decorative hardware, organization accessories, and LED lighting

How we help you achieve your kitchen and bath dreams

  • Analyze problems and offer solutions in line with your budget
  • Provide a clear path to your goals
  • Offer creative solutions to your unique challenges

We strive to provide outstanding customer care and work hard to get the details of your project right. But we can’t read your mind, and we rely on you to share all aspects of the project with us β€” how much money you really have to spend β€” expectations and problems β€” what you think of the products and contractors we introduce.

Can you give me a quote for the new space?

No, we cannot. Every project is custom-designed for our clients in accordance with the scope of work, personal preferences, and budget.  The total cost of your project will depend on the materials you choose, the design services and products we provide, and the fees charged by the construction professionals who build the project.  

Food for thought as you choose materials

It’s important to understand how your decisions affect the total cost of your project. There are great products available at many price points. Do you want:

  • A pro-style gas range that costs $10,000 or is that the total appliance budget?
  • Marble at $150 SF or porcelain at $5 SF to tile your bathroom?
  • Custom or stock cabinets?

Construction considerations

Who is making the dream a reality, aka the builder? The amount and type of work help determine the cost to build your new space. The characteristics of the firm, the price of materials, and availability of labor also affect your experience and price:

  • Who is your point of contact for communication?
  • Who supervises the employees and/or subs?
  • How often does the builder visit the job site?
  • Are you knocking down walls, moving plumbing, and changing the layout?
  • Does your existing electrical panel support the new load or do you need to add circuits or a completely new panel? 
  • Is there asbestos or mold? 
  • Does the builder have a stockpile of supplies (like lumber) or does he have to buy them at current prices?
  • Are the required trades and artisans available when the builder needs them?

How to get a realistic quote

Have a firm plan for the space and identify which products the builder will supply. If you ask for quotes without sharing this information, then the builder makes assumptions and provides allowances to arrive at a price.

At the minimum, you need to articulate whether you plan to increase square footage, move walls or utilities; what products the builder will supply, such as plumbing fixtures and appliances; and the price point for these items.

Need help getting started?

Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll help you determine the next logical step.

Wonder what it’s like to work with us?

Setting expectations is key to having a good experience.  Download WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN WORKING WITH FRESH KBD to find info on setting expectations, establishing a budget and defining a few terms.